Session Profile: The Latest Storage Technologies


The Latest Storage Technologies
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ronan Furlong
Director Operations, The Green Way

David Anders
Project Manager, Temporal Power

Mike Oliver
VP, Atlantic Hydrogen

Alexander McIsaac
Associate, NRStor Inc.

Dana Morin
Director-Business Development, Fundy Tidal

Raj DasGupta

This session will look at Glen Dimplex’s “Quantum” system, the exciting ” flywheel” technologies, lithium-ion SuperPolymer storage batteries, reforming natural gas to produce high-purity hydrogen with CarbonSaver, tidal storage developments, and many of the leading storage technologies that are being designed to provide stability in supply and competitive pricing for renewable energy developers and utilities.

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Session Profile: Visions for an Atlantic Power Pool

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April 16-17, 2013 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Visions for an Atlantic Power Pool
Luncheon Session – Wednesday, April 17, 2013















John Herron
President, Atlantica Centre for Energy

Wayne Groszko
Renewable Energy Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre

Catherine Abreu
Energy Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre

Dan Roscoe
COO, Scotian WindFields Inc.

This session will wrap up the 2013 Renewable Energy Conference by asking how an Atlantic Power Pool (APP) might benefit the Atlantic provinces? Has New England’s NEPOOL set the stage for other pools? How would a Virtual Power Plant concept align with a proposed Atlantic Power Pool and mega energy projects in the region?

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Speakers Confirmed for REC2013

Over 20 Expert Speakers
12 Renewable Topics
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April 16-17, 2013 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Speakers confirmed as of Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

David Anders
Project Manager, Temporal Power

Mike Bonga
Reliability Specialist, AKA-Group

John Brereton
President, Natural Forces

Shawna Eason
Atlantic Canada Regional Director, CanWea

Duncan Elliot
Sales Canada, Enercon Canada Inc.

Ronan Furlong
Director Operations, The Green Way

Luciano Lisi

Alexander McIsaac
Associate, NRStor Inc.

Dana Morin
Director Business Development, Fundy Tidal

Mike Oliver
VP, Atlantic Hydrogen

Art Schaafsma
Executive Director, CARES
Ex-Officio Director, BioGas Association

Rob Sedgwick
General Manager, SAGE Energy Inc.

Lukas Swan
Director Renewable Energy Storage Laboratory, Dalhousie University

Eduardo Vaz
Director Project Development, LightSail Canada

David Wheeler
Energy Strategist
President, Cape Breton University

Tony Wright
Marine Operations Director, FORCE

Session Profile: Solar and Bioenergy Innovations

Art Schaafsma 200x200   Rob Sedgwick 200x200
Solar and Bioenergy Innovations
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Art Schaafsma (Executive Director, CARES and Ex-Officio Director, BioGas Association) and Rob Sedgwick (General Manager, Sage-Energy & CANSIA) will discuss the latest advancements and commercial applications in solar pv, bioenergy and other renewable energy forms, such as biogas, and their role in energy storage and its potential flexibility for grid management.

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